Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sorry for the late reply tag Jo !!

01. Compose a list of your top 15 sexiest famous men.
02. Collect one picture of each guy on your list.
03. Post them in your journal.
04. Tag 5 people to do the same.

but I'm gonna add another 5 sexyyy men XD
which is

so I guess I'll jump to tag XP
mei si

Verse of the day

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

I cried in my dreams

Frankly nowadays..
I've been having dreams about myself dying..
I cried in my dreams cause of the touching moments at the last few minutes in my life.
and when I woke up today..
I thought of a song that can actually describe what I dream t about..
Song from simple plan
I open my eyes
I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light
I can't remember how
I can't remember why
I'm lying here tonight

And I can't stand the pain
And I can't make it go away
No I can't stand the pain

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes
I've got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

Everybody's screaming
I try to make a sound but no one hears me
I'm slipping off the edge
I'm hanging by a thread
I wanna start this over again

So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered
And I can't explain what happened
And I can't erase the things that I've done
No I can't

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes
I've got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

I made my mistakes
I've got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

Tear drops in my eyes.

The more tears I shed The More I care..
The more tears I shed The Larger The Pain inside me ..
The more tears I shed Smaller pieces my heart is torn into ..
I'm scattered in pieces..
My heart is broken into too many little pieces that I guess it can't be put back in it's place..

God, are you there?

I'm seeking for you in my prayers..
I'm waiting for your answer..
today.. I've got answers from many people..
but is that your voice talking to me?
or is that a trap?
are you there?
are you listening to what I'm voicing out ?
can you feel the pain I'm going through?
please tell me what to do..
Friends told me..
Do not frown..
cheer up.. You've done such a good job..
warm hugs were given to me today..
lord.. is your spirit hugging my heart today?
Jesus .. my lord.. my shepherd..
you melted my heart today did you?
allow me to ask..
please do not get angry.
were your beside me today?
I felt all the warmth today..
I got my angels surrounding me today..
but god..
the emptiness in my heart is getting stronger..
it's controlling me..


don't tell me you wish to save me but you can't..
tell me you won't give up on saving me..
tell me you'll stay with me..
I Love You My Lord My Savior My Comforter.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm devastated ..
My heart is like torn into pieces..
I don't know WHY ..
I'm dead.. I'm in such sin..
Please show mercy ..
cover me with your precious blood and wash away all my sins..
This is ALL a Big mistake..
how can this be?
something really really sad happened..
I'm confused now..
and in guilt if I am wrong..
my sheep cried over some things that it looked as if I caused it all to happened..
I'm so sorry to my beloved teacher..
Don't hate me please..
but I didn't know there were so much inner ideas that I never knew..
Although I'm right..
and wrong at the same time..
I'm in guilt..
it is as if I shouldn't have told the truth as if I've betrayed them..
is the devil living in me?
I give it all to you..
lord I'll let go..
but please lead the way..
please let me know what to do..
Please not let everyone hate meeee..
please show mercy..
Hallelujah praise the lord..
I'm in guilt and I'm devastated..
I can't sleep for the night again I guess..
kill me bahz..

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Love, it is so amazing.. it is so painful but yet so sweet..
deep in everyone of us..
we are in love..
and listen here .. you're beloved at the same time in love ..
feeble lil girl asked me a question..
you think that he likes me??
this is what I told her..
Yup.. but..
what I meant was, everyone of you like everyone around you..
it's just the amount of like you have for them makes the difference. Is is confusing? it's like if I like A B C D E all of them .. but If I like A more so it becomes as what everyone says I love A.. but if I like E incredibly less this makes the word everyone says - hate..
okay hate is a strong word ( as my English teacher says ) so I guess you could put it as dislike. agree? haha.. you may not agree but this is what I think..
Later On,
I was astonished for knowing that theory of mine really make things turn out different with everyone else.. which is..
when you look at everything in a different way.. your world becomes more beautiful ..
how should we look at things?
I was told by a friend as I was praising another person for his talent and beauty in him.. she told me.. is there anything that you think is ugly? or is not good about anyone?
I say yup.. but after I took another thought through it..
Okay I guess.. not much.. but if I think it's bad.. it's because I'm going to correct them ^^
for their own good.. XD as old people says..
well.. to me..
everything has their positive side.
Everything could be all wrong, the whole world can be against you,
People may hate you or you just don't know what's going wrong with you . BUT no one can control your happiness.. no one can take away your appreciation for this world for everything / everyone around you..
so think about it..
even if you keep loosing things like watches hp bla bla bla..
think of the things you still have..
too much
really too much.
be thankful ^^
it makes your world turn into a wonderful place..
A beauty hidden behind the curtain which you have to open to see..
Be Brave ..
Take The Chance And Make A Change..
take care everyone..
god bless ya today..
You Are Loved By Your God Your Lord.. as well as me ^^
as I told you you are beloved and at the same time your loving someone.. because everyone loves everyone.. just a slight difference of the amount..
* a sudden touched in my heart ..
a song to share called amazing love ..
and for Chinese song ..

just some random post

A Lover Of Scarfs XD
Last Christmas was full of excitement and a memory to be remembered forever ^^
after the haircut.. T.T.. MY HAIR !! Ahhh~!
before the haircut =D
In camp XD I've got nothing better to do plus the lights were amazing..marvellous I would say^^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My blog have been left to die for some time..
glad that it's back ehz?
well.. it's the holidaysss !!
have been longing for it to come and now.. IT'S HERE ! weee~!
Went back to my grannies on the 16th .. at 1st I was forced to go back ( a lil willing ) but then later on as I crawled into da really comfortable seat.. I come to realize that going back was the right choice =) thx sam.. owe u loads.. although you convinced me with a raucous voice..
we had fun eating chocolate buns chatting watching Arashi.. hahaha
Arashi Arashi For Dream
hahaa.. ahhh~! I'm missing it now..
then we played the game that I invented.. fineee..
I admit.. it's kind of a silly game I guess.. but come on it's fun right?
* Sam nods * XP
okay.. it's a dim sum + kung fu game
1 word.. FANTASTIC
Further on , we had a hour nap b4 reaching Kluang just to reenergize ourselves.. haha
as we got back to Kluang and parked our car.. we got our lazy bums out of the car still in a blur case.. we gave a big SMILE and greet our grandpa and grandma.. although it was raining..
but WE'RE HAPPY !! that's all that counts.. =)
hmm.. we were there around 5pm..
yes it could be the time being in the car..
we got confused by our stomach .. not sure whether it was feeling hungry or we could wait for dinner to cum in 2 hours time..
but anyway I decided to save the space for dinner .. and yes it was worth a wait..
the mouth watering dinner !!
we had lots of delicious servings that night..
I was satisfied .. haha
meanwhile when we got home.. we had fruits.. all kinds of different fruits and gong gong even bought ice cream just for us knowing that we love eating ice cream.. T.T.. * touched *
haha.. okay.. so this means.. EXERCISEEE !!
to keep a fit posture.. we must EXERCISE.. not another word I started to work out ..
after some exercise had a cooling bath n off we go to bed..
2nd day.. wat a long post ehz? hahaha..
after having Big Pao for breakfast ..
Dad and I played our all time favourite TABLETENNIS..
woo hoo~! it's been long baby..

I was so excited to play tabletennis for I don't usually have the chance to play in school or any other place.. so this is like a one in a few months when I come back to Kluang..
Ahah !! I WON !! sorry dad.. haaha.. guess I've grown stronger and harder to beat nowadays..
don't worry you can be the 1st runner up in the the world..
and I can be the world unbeatable champion XD
after that had lunch at sum place which I ate Curry Mee with yong taufu.. ahah.. caught you drooling over there while reading my post.. hahahaa
in fact, I shared ice kacang with Sam for desert..
Jealous?? XP
okay.. as we got back.. I was tired.. so I went for a long nap.. and when I woke up it was 4-5pm so straight away I went to look for my cousin Sam..
but she was having her nap now.. so I went mooching about our compound ..
finally Sam awakes.. haha
but just then it was time for dinner..
yay ! we went to CHING HING aka A FOK.. XP ain't that weird? hahaha
then all the way there we were singing..
when I say Lucky You say Mad.. Lucky MAD! Lucky MAD ! x2 come on everybody let's scream !! WOOOO ~!
as we got there we ordered our favourite dish.. O JIEN ..
Muaahahahahaa.. IT ROCKS weihz!
then summo SATAY !!
pork , intestine , lamb and more..
it was so delicious that you cannot describe it with words..
but this comes with a result causing us to put on weight.
So to be sure that we maintain and not gain weight..
when we got home ..
we danceeee around the runway doing funny arashi moves not to forget laughing like mad and having stomach aches by laughing too hard.. haha
and exercise all we can by dancing, inventing new moves, madness running around, and by joking around .. and guess wat..
forgot to mention.. theres actually tons of mosquitoes there.. but who cares.. I killed 15 in 1 morning.. hahaha.. another way of fun XD
after all the hard work it's another nice refreshing shower , homeworks including maths n add maths..
grandma teaching us how to knit..
omgosh.. this is sooooo fun !!
now I can't stop knitting.. although I'm still learning but somehow I'm addicted to it..
hope I can knit something out of it soon ^^
thx ah mah.. YOU ROCK !!
You Are Soooo COOL !! I have da best Ah Mah in the world !!
woo hoo~!
so that's all.. today was da day I came back..
hurts me to leave.. and I was reluctant to leave..
but aw.. I guess I can come back again rite?
Ah Mah.. wait for me !!
I'm gonna come back whenever I have time !!
you all rock my world!!
and Thank god for giving me such a wonderful family and such a wonderful time being with them..
god bless all of them..
may your blessings be with them now and forever..