Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Grey is the colour today.
Colour of my day,
my heart.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Eric's blog


The song on his blog is just so touching.. T.T

Christmas !!

Everyone Attention !!
Do Join me for Christmas this 19th of December.
Time : 6:00pm
Place : OKR Presbyterian Church =)
Activities : Super duper fun and cool performance and games . In addition, Dinner is provided.
People : We hope non-christian can join us.
Specialty : We have 7 Christmas tree this year with Fascinating decorations . 7 groups will be competing towards being the best decorated christmas tree ^^.
Not to forget >> Present exchanging session. ( Please prepare a present that is RM10 or above.)
Do not hesitate to come forward and contact me for more information . =D
I'll be waiting for you this Christmas .
Don't miss this once in a lifetime experience and a chance of changing your life.



Come Join Us This Christmas !! =D


Friday, November 20, 2009

JLoh is currently BUSY

JLoh is really busy lately cause she'll be busy on..
  • Christmas decoration
  • Mission trip
  • Fellowship plans
  • Sunday's Worship session
  • Loving my friends
  • Preparing presents for people
  • Teaching music class
  • Out with friends
Seee... told you I'm busyy.. hahaha.. XD
Love you ppl..
God bless ya'all

Thursday, November 12, 2009


God is our only hope =D
The only one who can save our relationship.
God is the only way.
Bridge .
One way.


You know how much I heart my friends.
And I bet you know how blessed I am to have Friends like them.
But how deep is one's relationship with another?
So deep that you would scold your friend really hard when they're doing something that would hurt themselves?
Tell your friend that his/her hair is really messy when it really is?
Still care for your friend even though you haven't met him/her for ages?
Don't mind even though he/she misses your birthday party ?
Be there for him/her whenever they need you?
Lend a warm shoulder , wipe of him/her tears , cheer him/her up in the middle of the night?

I'm so willing my friends.
So are you still hesitating if you would do it?
Would a silly little fight hurt the relationship between u and ur friend?
Will a few years abandon your friendship?
Can some misunderstandings ruin your friendship?
Are you doubting your trust and faith in your friend?
If you are, Think again, maybe you haven't been having a deep relationship with your friends.
Let's have deep relationships from today onwards..
Say bye to the hi-bye relationships and Hello to the heart to heart passion.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Post 121

Yay!! haha.. finally an update.. XD
actually I've just forgotten about what I planned to update b4 this.. XD
oh yeah.. exams..
well, as you all readers know, I've been battling with exams for weeks and weeks and yet it is not over but Ive started to relax.
Great news ! I earned 83 marks for my English Paper ^^ weee~!
*CLAPS for myself *
But.. hahaha
Sejarah wasn't as good. Although it is still an A2 but seriously ain't what I had in mind.
mm.. I went to Leo's cafe today for ICT gathering , it was suppose to be a ceremony to send off our seniors XP AWWWW.. will be missing u guys T.T.
I ate a lot really, I had chicken chop with mushroom sauce, Chicken mushroom soup and Volcano hill ice kacang . Okay. Chicken chop was really good for me , Chicken mushroom soup is a bit too watery and lastly the volcano hill was a big let down.
hahaha.. 1st it looked really different than the picture which actually has strawberries on it but when it came out, there was nothing but HARD ice as if it just came out from the freezing cold freezer without crushing it 1st and some little black hard jelly balls. haha. Sad right?
But I was satisfied because it was all FREE !! =D thanks Puan Chong for the wonderful lunch and we had a great time eating together not to forget clapping continuously for An An . ( An An will ask you to clap if you don't ) .
Thank you lord for the food so good . =D
take care people.
Leo's cafe ain't that bad.
You could probably give it a try.
Of course it depends on branches as you know different branches have their own ways of presenting , serving food =)
Love ya all people.